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Icarus-Engineering LLC / Icarus Solar Services LLC, 1124 Gloucester Ct S, Irving, Texas 75062-7505, (972) 252-2543

System Design

The solar PV system we design will perform to the design criteria and needs of the Client/Owner and seamlessly integrate into the existing building structure and electrical systems.

Our PV system designs use only superior suppliers of solar PV products that have proven reliability and durability.

We use the specifications of the PV equipment suppliers and the requirements of the National Electrical Code to create a system design that is code compliant, robust and state-of-the-art.


If a solar PV design we create moves to an active project, we will assist the Client/Owner, their PV installer or their electrical contractor, in applying for those permits and approvals required for installation. This assistance will consist of a reasonable amount of phone and/or e-mail consultation necessary for completing and submitting forms to the appropriate Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) over the construction documents.