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Solar PV System Site Evaluation



Client Self Assessment 

Client Self Assessment Form

We use a Client Self Assessment form to help capture basic location information to facilitate planning and scheduling.  Information such as the height of the building, its age, building use, roof type, shading and other data are collected prior to the initial site visit.  We also use satellite imaging for the pre-visit site assessment.

Site Suitability Assessment

The site is evaluated for its annual electrical production potential. The electrical and structural feasibility of the potential locations are also assessed.


The assessment process includes:

  • Location, shading analysis, orientation, and tilt of the potential solar array(s).
  • Suitability of the existing electrical system for integration of the solar system.
  • Assessment of available space for related system equipment.
  • Structural observations to determine if there are conditions or limitations with the proposed mounting structure that may limit or prohibit the additional load capacity of the solar arrays.

Site Evaluation Report

Our Site Evaluation Report (SER) deliverable is described here:  Site Evaluation Report

Sub-Contracted Site Evaluation Services

Our PV System Site Evaluation services and reports are available to solar system integrators and/or installers. Please email us for further information.