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Data Analysis and Deliverable Description 
The data collected in the Site Evaluation are analyzed and presented in a deliverable report format that can be used to directly source bids from solar installation contractors.

Site Evaluation Report (SER)

Site Plan

Scaled top view drawing, superimposed on a satellite photograph, of the proposed PV structure(s) showing dimensioned locations and relevant distances between the PV module racking system (roof or ground mounted), the existing utility service entrance and main service panel location, recommended roof penetration location(s) if possible, and proposed routing of electrical wiring and conduits.

Solmetric PV Design

We use the Solmetric PV Designer Software, a PC software application for calculating energy production from a Photovoltaic (PV) solar electric system. The software is a tool for solar PV designers to perform high-level design and estimation.


The PV Design report includes the following:

  - PV module layout and string definition

  - Shade visualization and analysis using measured data from the Solmetric

SunEye™ 210 shade analysis tool

  - Electrical AC kilowatt-hour production calculations using local weather impacts and site shading data.

1-Line Electrical Drawing

A block diagram drawing showing the interconnection wiring between all PV system components, PV component manufacturer part number(s), utility interconnections, and supporting notes. The minimum, operating, and maximum voltage(s) and current(s) will be annotated for applicable PV system components.